LOG BOOK South Sardinia

Our navigation of the SUMMER 2024 will develop with two itineraries from Carloforte to Cagliari and back.

This is to allow you to enjoy the best, calmly and without unnecessary repetition of the emotions of your cruise.

Boarding is scheduled on Saturday evening from 19.00 with dinner in a local restaurant. We will leave the port the next morning.

The arrival in the port of disembarkation is previewed for the afternoon of the following Friday, not after 18.00 and with disembarkation within 9.00 of the Saturday morning.

Every day we will sail for a few hours, mainly in the morning and in some cases even in the afternoon to reach different bays and ravines, discovering anchorages sheltered by the Mistral that in this area is very common. In every bay where we anchor you can see traces of history left here by Punics, Phoenicians and Romans who lived in these coasts, sharing the land with the native Nuragic civilizations. The coasts are often surrounded by Fortifications and Turrets, built by local inhabitants to live and defend themselves from the attacks of pirates who over the centuries have tried to plunder the coastal wealth.

The first day, after a pleasant navigation, Capo di Pula will be the first bay where we will anchor, departing from Cagliari. We will find ourselves exactly on the east or west side of the Archaeological Area of Nora (depending on the wind of the moment), one of the best preserved historical sites in Sardinia. The remains of the Phoenician Punic Roman town of Pula, extend on the isthmus characterized by a beautiful watchtower and can be admired perfectly from the sea. For those who wish, it may be possible to visit the archaeological area.

From Capo di Pula we will sail along the coast of Chia, towards Porto Malfatano (called “port” because in ancient times it was a Roman port of which you can see some ruins underwater). We will stop in front of the beautiful small beach of Su Giudeu. For those who wish, a walk will allow you to walk to the lighthouse of Capo Spartivento, from where you have a fantastic view of the gulf below.

Just around Capo Spartivento, with the imposing lighthouse visible from a good distance, we could choose between different anchorages: Tuaredda island, Porto Malfatano, Sa’ Perda Longa. All bays with crystal clear water and white beaches that allow relaxing baths. The choice will be constrained by the direction and strength of the present wind. After a quiet night, you can wake up at sunrise, for the song of seagulls that nest right on the island of Tuaredda.

We continue our holiday, after the usual morning breakfast, just out of Porto Malfatano and passed the Cape with the Spanish tower opens the Gulf of Teulada. Place full of natural beauty, with beaches and bays excellent for a stop for swimming or to spend the night: the beach of Piscinni, Isola Rossa and/ or a stop in the safe port of Teulada. For lovers of good food, in the evening we can enjoy a SARDINIAN DINNER Typical of Earth, in a beautiful farmhouse in the hinterland (reachable by transfer in a few kilometers from the port).

Continuing the navigation to the west, in front of our bow you can see the profile of the southernmost cape of Sardinia, that is “Capo Teulada”. With its 600 meters of height and a rocky conformation with a thousand shades overhanging a deep blue sea; is also known as the “Cape Horn of Sardinia”. In this place sea and wind meet coming from different directions and thanks to the height of the head and the depth of the sea, create wind conditions always special, that we can sail pleasantly enchanted by the majesty of the place!

Beyond the cape opens before us another gulf with countless coves, some rocky others surrounded by white beaches, others covered with pine trees native to this part of Sardinia. We are in the “Gulf of Palmas”, between the extreme south west coast of Sardinia (Capo Teulada) and the tip south east of the island of Sant’Antioco (Capo Sperone). This lovely gulf has several places where you can anchor for baths or stop for night stops. They are the beautiful dunes of Porto Pino to the East (close from the East) or the bay of Coaquaddus, Torre Cannai or Capo Sperone to the West (close from the West).

We will then continue rounding Capo Sperone, the southern point of Sant’Antioco leaving on our left the islets of Vacca, Vitello and Toro. Shortly after we will begin to glimpse the westernmost island of Sardinia, the island of San Pietro. We will make some stops and anchor between the west coast of Sant’Antioco and the south east coast of S. Pietro, before reaching the characteristic and beautiful port that distinguishes the main town of the island of San Pietro, “Carloforte“. The time to rent a scooter or bike and spend part of the day exploring the island is certainly an experience not to be missed. With its hinterland covered by the typical Mediterranean scrub and the many beaches of which the upper part of the Mistral difficult to access by boat. With its wild nature, ponds and salt pans full of flamingos and other endemic species (for lovers of birdwatching) and with its ancient traps rich in popular history, the island of San Pietro is a magical place where you can live unique and exciting moments. Splendid view of the sunset from the lighthouse of Capo Sandalo, the most western lighthouse in Italy, beyond the horizon only sea for 260 miles, up to the Balearic Islands. For lovers of good food, in the evening we will enjoy a DINNER TYPICAL OF THE SEA in a characteristic restaurant of the island. We recall that in this corner of Sardinia we speak Genoese, a Genoese somewhat archaic, but still well defined, because of the “pegliesi” origins of the inhabitants of Carloforte, who moved here to expand the fishing areas, in the past centuries. Even the local cuisine, like its inhabitants, is subtly influenced by Ligurian cuisine, but pleasantly combined with the main ingredient of the place, the “bluefin tuna” that especially in June is fished in abundance, during the periodic passage of tuna in this part of the Mediterranean.

It is precisely the peculiarity of the sailing holiday, the opportunity to live every day spent on board in a varied and always exciting, with the wind, the sun and the sea that will guide us and accompany our deeds, that as good sailors we will be able to accept the message, so that we can always choose where and how to best open our sails, or where to anchor safely. Whether for short stops, for lunch or for a bath, or prolonged in order to spend a quiet night, with only the sound of the sea, illuminated by the moon or the stars. You can then wake up with the thought of diving into the sea before starting the morning aboard Ronik, together with his crew with whom then share a new exciting day of sun, sea, sailing and pleasant company.

Your holiday starts as soon as you have set foot on board our boat Ronik.

Both in Cagliari and Carloforte, from where we will sail every other week.

PS: the itinerary Carloforte – Cagliari is to be understood in contrast to that described in this program.

Possibility to book the EXCLUSIVE BOAT with the choice of the personalized itinerary. Always submitted to unquestionable approval of the Commander, that it will estimate of the possibility based on weather and logistics of season.

All cabins of ronik have their own private bathroom.