What to take

What to pack before leaving for a weekend or week boat holiday?

A question that often arises especially when heading out on this kind of holiday for the first time. Often you find that most of the things that have been put in your suitcase could stay at home, and instead, it has forgotten something that would be useful.

That’s why we would like to give you some starting points:

  • don’t use rigid suitcases; much better a soft bag or a gym bag that once emptied can be folded and placed in every corner
  • sleeping bag (if you do not ask for sheets)
  • a pair of shoes with clear rubber sole new or well cleaned (to use only aboard) – during summer we can walk barefoot
  • a pair of shoes when you go ashore
  • sun glasses
  • sun lotion
  • a hat for sun
  • a beach towel
  • two / five t-shirts
  • two / three shorts
  • a pair of long pants
  • a heavy sweatshirt
  • a warm sweater
  • a waterproff jacket or wind stopper in case of bad weather
  • two / three swimsuits
  • underwear
  • facilities for personal care
  • a piece of Marseille soap to wash laundry

Most of the time in the boats lack the 220V electricity, especially if you are sailing. Therefore can be difficult to charge electronic devices (mobile phones, iPad, e-reader …). It would be useful to provide a portable or car battery charger.