About us

Before storing memories you have to live them…
live with us your emotions!

Arundel Yachting was founded in 2010 from the idea of Mauro and Alessandro, two old sailor rascals who love the sea and nature. Betty joined the organization later.

The desire to share dreams and emotions with our guests. The pleasure of living the world in its truest and most natural expression.

The gratification we receive when we read in the eyes of the guests on board, the emotion they feel for the jump of a dolphin, the breath of a whale or just the flight of a seagull, in the twilight of a sunset over the sea.

The symphony of your holidays: the sound of sea water flowing on the hull of the boat and the rustle of the wind caressing the sails.

The direct contact with nature is an emotion that we often forget, we try modestly only to remind you the existence, with our proposals for navigation, travel, vacation.

Live your emotions with us.

Why “Arundel” Yachting

Arundel is a beautiful and historic village in West Sussex, South England, where it is very famous thanks to the beautiful Castle of the British Crown, which surmounts and dominates the village.

Along the nearby coasts, bathed by the waters of the Solent, beautifully protected from the strong Atlantic winds thanks to the island of Wight, he sailed and trained our staff, in a magical place appreciated and loved by the best British sailors.

In these places, where the deep maritime traditions of a people born on the sea, who loves and lives the sea with passion, we have increased our salty culture, made of waves and wind, emotions and life. Emotions that today we have the pleasure of being able to transfer to those who have the desire to live the sea and the wind, without neglecting our Mediterranean culture that has nothing to envy compared to the culture of the coasts on the North Atlantic.

Genoa and Andora

Genoa, the most subtly “Anglo-Saxon” of Italian cities is the main base from which to sail to the Mediterranean coasts and islands, full of natural beauty, history and maritime life. We want to make you excited for the jump of a dolphin, the view of a sea turtle, the breath of a whale or even just admire a sunset over the sea, sipping an aperitif from the cockpit of our sailboat.

Upon arrival at our base, you will be able to breathe the salty air of the sea that bathes the largest historic center of Europe, with its history and the life of hard people, forged by the waves, but true and sincere. We are next to the Aquarium of Genoa, a few meters from the hectic and lively life of the old city.
From this base you can sail along the Ligurian Riviera and Corsica, the Tuscany Archipelago and Sardinia (where in summer we have our own boat in Crewed Charter).

A second base is Andora Marina, along the West Ligurian Riviera, near the beautiful Gallinara Island, from where you can depart toward the French Riviera, Cannes and Lerins Islands, St.Tropez and its gulf, Hyeres Islands with Porquerolles and the Calanques. Also considering the possibility of Corsica and Sardinia.

During summer, we also have our own boat in Crewed Charter in Aeolian Islands (Sicily) and Sardinia.

Arundel Yachting has 4 sailing boats from 35 to 43 feet, for bareboat charter, unmanned. You can freely live your passion for the sea and sailing and enjoy the art of navigation.

For those who do not have the necessary experience or also want to have a safe guide in personal navigation, we have two boats in crewed charter. Our experienced crews will be happy to accompany you to experience the discovery of a unique and true emotion, knowing the seas and islands of the Mediterranean.

In addition to the proposals of Bareboat and Crewed Charter, Arundel Yachting organizes events of commercial and tourist promotion, team building and everything can be linked to promotional and corporate initiatives. Everyone can enjoy an adventure at sea, in the sun and in the wind.

Professional crew available for boat transfers and assistance.


If you are already experienced and able to conduct one of our boats ( upon possession of a Sailing License), you will find at our base comfortable and valid boats, for all destinations and for all tastes.

Crewed and Cabin Charter

If you do not have any experience and wish to experience the sea and the holiday in its entirety, our Skippers are at your disposal for all your needs, without any worry.