Recommended itinerary for a week

(West Ligurian Riviera)

with boarding in Genoa

You leave Porto Antico and sail eastwards along the beautiful city of Genoa that from the sea takes on a unique charm, typical of the Genoese fishing villages.

After 9 miles you reach Camogli (the entrance to the port is not recommended for shallow waters) to enjoy the colors of the town from the sea. The belay is possible 1 Mile further south before Punta Chiappa.

Another 2 miles of navigation leads to San Fruttuoso di Camogli: a Benedictine monastery of the year 1000 set in a small cove between the sea and the woods of the Portofino Promontory. Possibility of mooring only at buoys available for a fee in the period April/ September. Not recommended to spend the night given the frequent undertow. You can not go ashore with your tender but only with taxi boat service.

Continuing you reach the Punta di Portofino in just over 2 miles and the beautiful Portofino, characterized by a colorful and very suggestive village. The stop in port for a fee is allowed after sending the required documentation (poor availability during the summer). Possibility of mooring at anchor for a few hours in front of the village or the harbor of Paraggi.

For a night stop at anchor we recommend the roadstead in front of the village of Santa Margherita Ligure or by also booking in the port (this is 1.5 miles north of Portofino going up the Gulf of Tigullio). We recommend a walk on land to visit the village.

For a nice sailing we recommend the Gulf of Tigullio in which there are often thermals that allow you to hoist the sails almost always.

Additional night stop can be made at the Marina di Chiavari (4.5 miles southeast of Santa Margherita Ligure) or at the Port of Lavagna (just over 1 mile from the previous). Both valid for a visit to the village.

For a mooring at anchor you can reach the bay of Sestri Levante 20 minutes from Lavagna (it is not possible to moor at the buoy or pier).

With 14 miles of navigation you reach Punta Mesco, the beginning of the Cinque Terre Marine Protected Area, five inimitable villages erected overlooking the sea.  Inquire beforehand for access to the Park and pay close attention to the areas of full reserve. Follow the signs of the Park.

In an hour and a half of navigation you reach the beautiful village of Portovenere, a unique and monumental town built on a promontory that is the extreme offshoot of the Gulf of La Spezia.

Do not miss a sail in the Gulf of Spezia that, being closed on 3 sides, allows an excellent sailing without too many influences of formed sea.

Possibility of mooring in the port at: Marina di Portovenere and floating piers east of Portovenere or, continuing in the gulf, Marina del Fezzano, Porto Mirabello, Porto Lotti and at the various sailing clubs of Lerici.

For those who prefer the roadstead there is the possibility of mooring at anchor between Portovenere and the island of Palmaria, Cala del Pozzale, east side of Palmaria, Grazie or south of Lerici.

To take care in the Gulf of Spezia to the outer dam that divides the gulf, to the cultivations of mussels and the ships in transit.


Genova – Punta Chiappa: 10 MN

Punta Chiappa – Portofino: 5 MN

Portofino – Santa Margherita Ligure: 1,5 MN

Santa Margherita Ligure – Chiavari: 4,5 MN

Chiavari – Lavagna: 1,2 MN

Lavagna – Sestri Levante: 2,5 MN

Sestri Levante – Punta Mesco: 14 MN

Punta Mesco – Portovenere: 10 MN

Portovenere – Genova: 45 MN

Useful numbers


MARINA DI PORTOFINO:    +39 0185 269580   –  VHF 12


MARINA DI CHIAVARI:  +39 0185 364081 – +39 329 2291037 – VHF 10


MARINA DI PORTOVENERE:   +39 0187 793042 – VHF 9

PONTILI GALLEGGIANTI IGNAZIO (Portovenere):  +39 366 4534446

MARINA DEL FEZZANO: +39 0187 790103 – VHF 9

PORTO MIRABELLO:  +39 0187 778108- VHF 73

PORTO  LOTTI:  +39 0187 532201 –  VHF 9

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