Log Book

Alicudi, Filicudi, Salina, Lipari, Vulcano, Panarea e Stromboli.

“The seven sisters of Aeolus”. The God of the wind who sculpted these fragments of solidified lava, in the deep blue of the Southern Tyrrhenian Sea.

The Aeolian Islands are also called the “Seven Pearls of the Mediterranean” thanks to the beauty and the extraordinary charm that excites the visitor during navigation.

Each island has its own unique characteristic that distinguishes it from all the others, in its landscapes and character and in the unique atmosphere it transmits to the visitor.

They are the ideal place to sail a week in a boat full of relaxation, discovery and fun, carelessly rocked by the waves in the warm south sun.

Islands born from the fury of volcanoes and left to cool thanks to Aeolus with its wind blows and Neptune with its sea waves.

The sailing between the Aeolian Islands is pleasant and fascinating, the islands are all easily recognizable for the imposing height of the mountain reliefs, volcanoes extinct or still active (Stromboli, Vulcano) that give the emotion of the explosion of lava or sulfur vapors. Islands of incomparable beauty with steep coasts, black beaches and seabeds among the richest marine species in the Mediterranean.

Our weekly cruises will allow you to savor the breath of Eolo and the warmth of the Southern people directly. The Aeolian welcome, characteristic of island Sicily, will allow you to taste the typical products of an ancient and uncontaminated cuisine. Visiting the islands, one by one, between sea baths, excursions to the volcanoes and visits of the characteristic villages.

We embark on Saturday evening from Lipari, the largest and best served island, with hydrofoils and ships directed from Milazzo, Tropea, Reggio Calabria, Palermo and also Naples.

The boat: a Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 52.2 (Ronik) almost 16 metres long boat, designed by Bruce Farr, for fast, comfortable and safe navigation. Equipped with 4 double cabins, all with their own private bathroom, will welcome you with the warmth and helpfulness of Betty and Mauro, sea professionals, experienced navigators and expert connoisseurs of the Aeolian Islands, from which they were charmed and bewitched years ago, thanks to the beauty of the place and the welcome of the island people.

On board you will find a galley already stowed and programmed by the crew, based on local and Sicilian products, available to guests throughout the cruise.

To follow a program “of rough” of the sailing week to the Aeolian Islands.

Obviously depending on the weather conditions of the week, the following program may undergo variations in the order of navigation, independent from the will of the organization.

DAY 1st, SATURDAY: Lipari

Boarding time 19:00: Lipari – Marina Lunga

Betty and Mauro will be pleased to wait for you at the pier “La Buona Fonda”, the first floating dock of Marina Lunga, after the arrival of the hydrofoils, only 5 minutes from the landing.

On board you will get to know Ronik and his crew, a cool glass of wine will welcome you while you place your bags (soft) in the assigned cabins.

Fins, masks, snorkel and water games will be available on board, for guests, during the week.

A brief briefing by the Captain will help the group get familiar with the boat and the crew and get to know the itinerary of the week.

The evening continues with dinner on the ground in a typical restaurant in Lipari, enjoying excellent dishes of the Aeolian cuisine. After dinner you will be free to visit the old town of Lipari and have fun walking to Marina Corta, with its shops and live music and Sicilian specialties… granite, cannoli and cassate! Night on board, moored and cradled at the Buona Fonda.

DAY 2nd, SUNDAY: Panarea

On Sunday morning the moorings are released…. and we start sailing with Ronik who will accompany us throughout the week sailing safely between the islands.

Shortly after departure (about 30 minutes) a first stop at the Pumice Cave in Lipari. A unique place for the turquoise blue color of the sea and the dazzling white pumice sand, derived from a quarry of stone, now in disuse, but not less fascinating. The first bathroom is a must!

The navigation continues to reach Panarea, the most “cult” among the islands, with its low villas and its sandy beaches. A stop at Lisca Bianca, for a pleasant snorkeling between the sulfur bubbles and the rocks rich in Mediterranean fauna.

Then we arrive at Cala Zimmari next to Punta milazzese. Quiet anchorage on sand, in a natural amphitheater among the hills of the island. A unique place to spend a quiet night in the bay. A descent to the ground for a visit to the village and a drink at the Raya is a must.

DAY 3rd, MONDAY: Stromboli

We set sail from Milazzese for a bath at Basiluzzo. Splendid island of lava cooled, in an intense blue sea. Describing the beauty of this place is impossible, it must be lived!

In the afternoon we resume the navigation to Stromboli, where we arrive after a sail of a couple of hours. We anchor in the water mirror between Punta Lena and the islet of Strombolicchio. Just below the impending volcano figure, still active. Second summit of the Aeolian Mountains, with its 926 meters of height.

Descent to the ground with the dinghy, for a visit to the village and a pizza, focaccia and fried fish and shrimp in the terrace of Ingrid, from where we can admire a beautiful sunset on the Strombolicchio rock and the mountains of Calabria in the background.

Those who desire and possess a suitable physical preparation, can make an excursion to the top of the volcano, to admire the incandescent explosions of lava that illuminate the darkness of the night.

Those who desire and possess a suitable physical preparation, can make an excursion to the top of the volcano, to admire the incandescent explosions of lava that illuminate the darkness of the night. Boots, helmet and suitable clothing can be rented directly from the guides (mandatory to climb the volcano). They are 900 meters of altitude difference to cover in about 3 hours. A fatigue that is rewarded by the show we can watch. You go back to the boat late at night, for a night swim that washes the dust and sweat accumulated during the excursion.  EXCURSION FORBIDDEN SINCE 4th JULY 2019.

DAY 4th, – TUESDAY: Salina

Sailing early in the morning, we skirt the Northwest side of the island of Stromboli, with the “Sciara”. Natural flow of volcanic rocks and lava, which we can admire from the sea but at a safe distance. We pass the village of Ginostra and continue the navigation towards Salina, with a proper stop for a bath at the rock “the Ship” of Panarea (opposite side to the day before).

After a sail of a couple of hours, we reach the island of Salina. The green heart of the Aeolian Islands, with the characteristic line created by the figures of the two extinct volcanoes: the third (Mount of Leeks– 860 mt) and the first summit of the Aeolian Mountains (Fossa delle Felci – 962 mt). Among vineyards of excellent Aeolian Malvasia and characteristic villages (Santa Marina– Malfa– Leni), we stop for a stop and a visit to the beautiful village of Santa Marina, port of docking of the island. A walk of just over a kilometer on a scenic road overlooking the sea will lead the crew to Lingua. The southern tip of the island, with its beautiful lake separated from the sea by a thin strip of land and surmounted by a characteristic lighthouse. You will find Ronik and his crew at anchor waiting for you, not before having tasted together the typical and excellent “Pane Cunzato” and the exquisite “Granite of Alfredo”. Night at the anchor.

DAY 5th – WEDNESDAY: Filicudi

We are in the “heart” of the Aeolian Islands. We sail from Lingua to skirt Salina on the South side. We admire Rinella (second port of the island) and we reach the anchorage of Pollara. In this place of devastating beauty, chosen by Massimo Troisi and Philippe Noiret as the main setting of the splendid movie “Il Postino”.

The last effort of Massimo, who at the end of the filming has failed the world of World Cinema and the beloved islands. It is possible to swim in these waters, in a wonderful amphitheater of steep coasts, surmounted by the sparse Aeolian dwellings.

We leave in the afternoon for a short sail that will lead us to Filicudi. For those who write perhaps this is the most mystical island of the archipelago. A bathing at Cape Graziano (one of the 10 best beaches of Italy) and we arrive at the small fishing village of Pecorini a Mare.

We moor at a reserved buoy in front of the village and go ashore to breathe the magical atmosphere of the place and the culinary delights of Grandma Rosa, with its banquet full of oranges, fried sea and local vegetables. All bathed by the saloon’s excellent wine, with laughter and chatter of sailor adventures, in a spontaneous and lively meeting. Who wants can end the evening at Sirena, historic (and excellent) restaurant with sea view, on the village. A reception centre and assistance to the turtles can give indications and advice on how to recognize and respect them. Not infrequently you will be able to admire one, which could be assisted and treated at the center before being released.

Remember a famous commercial of a renowned bitterness! It was filmed on this island, in these waters and with these people!

DAY 6th – THURSDAY – Vulcano

Abandoning Pecorini a Mare is always a close to our hearts. But other beauties await us. A short navigation and we arrive to the cave of Bue Marino, with inside a beautiful beach of rounded pebbles from the waves. A few hundred meters and we arrive to the “Canna”. A lava column of 71 mt height hat rises from nowhere in the blue sea, with Alicudi in the background. Alicudi is a very beautiful island but without any landing place (excluding the jetty for hydrofoils) or anchorage. Accessible only with perfect weather, it does not have any particular interest from the sea, so we can devote ourselves to the baths between the Canna and the Montenassari rock, splendid example of lava sculpture with a diabolical look.

A sail of 4 hours takes us to Vulcano. The weather of the day will advise us whether to anchor at the port of Ponente or the port of Levante. Two symmetrical anchorages divided by the narrow tongue of black sand that unites Vulcano to Vulcanello. Once two distinct islands, today united by the isthmus of sand and a paved road that crosses it. Vulcano is an island with two faces. The northern part, low and arid, with numerous vents of sulphurous vapors and thermal baths of sulphurous mud. The southern part, the so-called “plateau”, rich in trees and crops among the sparse and beautiful Aeolian houses characterized by the cool and classic colonnaded arcades, decorated with white curtains. In the extreme south, the closest to Sicily, a winding road leads to the village of mulberry fishermen, with its black beach and the beautiful lighthouse that marks the Southern limit of the archipelago. For those who wish, a pleasant walk of one and a half hours leads to the crater of the volcano extinct but with numerous “fumarole”, from which you can admire a beautiful view over all the other islands.

End of day with aperitif at the Black sands, where we will spend a pleasant evening and not infrequently it will be possible to organize a BBQ on the beach, in collaboration with the crews of other friendly boats.

DAY 7th – FRIDAY– Lipari

Unfortunately, the last day of the week has arrived. Tonight we return to the mooring of Lipari, but we still have a long day to spend between sun and sea.  A short navigation to admire the Horse Cave and the pool of Venus, on the west side of Vulcano.

We cross the Strait of Vulcano, for a swim and lunch break in Valle Muria, along the west coast of Lipari. In the afternoon we move on the South side, for a last bath week in front of Vinci beach. From this location, we have a wonderful view of the cliffs of Lipari and the green banks of Vulcanello, beyond the strait.

The week draws to an end, in the late afternoon we sail for a short sailing to our “refuge“ of “La Buona Fonda” at Marina Lunga in Lipari.

We conclude the week in a good trattoria in the old town of Lipari, with in the eyes, mind and heart the wonderful emotions that we lived together among the islands of Aeolus.

Night aboard and landing on Saturday morning. Ronik and his crew are waiting for you for a next cruise, giving you renewed emotions, sailing, sea, history and culture.


Betty, Mauro e S/Y Ronik