Alessandro Salomone

Genoese, 50, freelancer and skipper. Founder member of Arundel Yachting and co-founder, Skipper and Base Manager of Genoa Porto Antico. Accounting Manager.

After a life spent in the office, between documents and administrative practices, he was struck by the thought of being able to express his personal desire for adventure, sailing between the Mediterranean islands from a sailboat. He alternates his passion for the sea and the outdoors, with the hours dedicated to the office, which in the meantime has been created by the sea.

The encounter with Mauro, that it tries to transport in Italy the emotions and the experiences of job and navigation abroad, finding together in Genoa, the suitable reality to the creation of a crazy synergy, but just for this real one. The two are very different, for experiences and character. But perhaps thanks to these differences, they manage to create a reality now consolidated and recognized in the nautical world citizen, Italian and International.

From his desks, Alessandro conveys administrative and organizational experience, growing every day more, in the reality of a world that naturally selects those who approach the sea superficially. Today he is an experienced and reliable skipper, with years of experience behind him, who dispenses with pleasure to guests who approach with a little awe, personal advice and suggestions. Without neglecting the experience in the administrative field, which contributed to the success of Arundel Yachting.

The base of Genoa is Alessandro, and Alessandro is the base of Genoa…

PS: unlike Mauro, he is not interested in any sporting event, which he lives with a stately detachment. But if you want a chat on the pier or a board of nautical/ administrative, relaxed in front of a good beer, you will find a wise conversationalist, friendly and friendly.

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