About Us

Arundel GenFoto Chi Siamooa Sail Project & Yachting. Born in the distant lands of West Sussex, in the south of England, lands of Albions bathed by the waters of the North Sea in the mythical Solent, between the British coast and the Isle of Wight.
Arundel is a beautiful and historic town in southern England, very famous thanks to the presence of a beautiful Castle of the British Crown, on the hills a few miles away from the coasts of the Solent.
A place where our staff has worked and sailed, knowing and appreciating the deep marine traditions of a fascinating people, who lives the sea with love and passion. This passion was acquired and transferred to Genoa, the most subtly “Anglo-Saxon” of the Italian cities.
The desire and pleasure of all the staff of Arundel Yachting is to make you live the sea and sailing with passion and love, through the sensations and unique emotions that you breathe from the cockpit of a sailing boat.
Thanks to its traditions and seafaring culture, Genoa is located all around our main base, the Old Port, close to the famous Aquarium and just behind the historic city centre.
From this base it is possible to sail along the Ligurian Riviera and Corsica.
Another base is located in Marina di Andora, West Riviera, near the beautiful Gallinara Island.

From these two bases, we can sail along the East and West Ligurian Riviera, the French Riviera, Corsica, Sardinia and the Tuscan Archipelago.


Arundel Yachting has 6 boats from 33 to 75 feet, for rental (bareboat) or“crewed charter”, to better enjoy the art of navigation and sailing through the Mediterranean Sea, sailing through history, culture and natural beauty. Itineraries and sails along the whole Ligurian Riviera from the French border to Portovenere, to the wild Corsica, to the fascinating Tuscan archipelago or the shining French Riviera. In addition to longer sailing in Sardinia, Aeolian Islands and Egadi, Sicily, Flegree Islands and Pontine Islands. 

The experience and passion of our crews and the competence of our instructors, convey the emotion and joy for sailing or motor sailing. The professional training of the skippers, matured in years of navigation in seas and oceans, allow to live intensely and safely every our proposal of cruise and excursion in sea.
In addition to the proposals of rental and crewed charter, Arundel Yachting organizes events of commercial and tourist promotion, team building and everything can be related to promotional and business initiatives.

Everyone can enjoy an adventure at sea, in the sun and in the wind.

Rental and Bareboat
If you are already experienced and able to drive our boat (if you have a boat license), you will find at our headquarters, comfortable and valid boats, for all routes and for all tastes.

Crewed and Cabin Charter 

If you do not have any experience and want to experience the sea and the holiday in its completeness, our Skippers are at your disposal for all your needs, without any concern.

We are waiting for you to help you to live joys and emotions without time in direct contact with nature, with the sun and the sea. To admire a dolphin’s jump, a whale’s breath, a seagull’s flight and the light of a sunset. Listen to the sound of water flowing on the hull of the boat and the rustle of the wind on the sails.

These will be the notes that will compose the symphony of your holidays.